Teleselling and Acting Like a Human who Actually Cares

If you are engaged in any type of selling career then you know that using the phone during the sales process is necessary. How you use the phone can indeed make or break the sale. These days with CRM machines, Voice Technologies and push 1 if or push 2 if automated machines, a real human voice is a plus. But not if you do not act like a human, a human that really cares that is. In Teleselling you must not only act like you are human, but Acting Like a Human who actually cares is the key.

Too many people act like order takers during the sales process the minute they get on the phone they go into rapid fire prepared sentence speech. They talk over the other person, do not hear what they said. If the client or prospect wanted that they could call the phone company, American Express or their Cell phone provider and not have to talk to the likes of you.

Would you please do your self a favor and act like a human, with real live human emotion? Emotions like empathy, caring and honest listening. And not just act like you mean it, truly caring. Because if you do the customer will respond in kind and you will be able to move the sales process forward without them hanging up on you or making an excuse to get off the line. Trust me on this in 2006.

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